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  • Why have all the solo and two doctor medical offices disappeared?
  • Why do I have to endure long waits getting an appointment, and long waits once I get to my appointment?
  • Why do I have to see a physician assistant or a nurse practitioner and cannot see a doctor?
  • Why do I feel I am not being listened to?
  • When I am feeling bad, and have several problems I am dealing with, why am I limited at my doctor’s office to discussing “just one thing”?
  • Why can’t I get my Specialty Consult visits and lab work explained to me without scheduling another appointment?
  • Why can I not get someone who will work with me to try and help me get better?

The Answer is largely the Same.

The combination of governmental regulation, health insurance industry rules and pricing, and higher operating expenses have shaped the provision of medical care to a mass production, one size fits all delivery model.

There is a BETTER Alternative!

  • For those who would like to experience warmth and dedication of a Country Doctor that you can call day or night…
  • For those who value their time and who don’t like long waits at a Doctor’s office…
  • For those who want a REAL Doctor, with more than 30 years of experience, working with them to help improve their lives with well-crafted medical care…
  • For those who want to Reduce the Risk of having a “provider” miss a new, developing medical condition and increase their chances of being able to address that condition earlier, to obtain a better outcome, and at a lower cost…
  • For those who want a family doctor to work for them, to have REAL conversations with a doctor who actually cares for them as a person…
  • For those who would like to have a doctor, to fully explain Specialty Consult notes, the results of diagnostic tests, what certain lab results indicate, and work with them to establish health goals and objectives AND encourage them to make those important lifestyle changes…
  • For those who are willing to invest more in their primary health care to obtain more professional time and attention, better medical care and faster service…

Dr. Carol Rupe and her MyPreference™ program may be the SOLUTION you need.

"Discover Everything Missing From Modern Medicine Today!"SM

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