Dr. Carol Rupe

Your Personal & Private Family Physician

To join us, please fill out the New Patient Inquiry Form online below.We will contact you regarding the time and location for the seminar which focuses on YOU as a patient with Medicare, Insurance or without Insurance.
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GREAT NEWS! Dr. Carol Rupe's New Medical Practice!

Dr. Carol Rupe's premium quality medical practice in Roanoke Rapids, NC is fully operational and ready to accept new patients. Our focus is on the entire family.

Please fill out our no obligation online inquiry form below to let us know of your interest, and we will follow up with more information.

"Discover Everything Missing From Modern Medicine Today!"SM

Please fill out this form to learn more about Dr. Rupe's custom crafted medical programs, and benefit from having your own personal family physician. Remember to add all potential family members, and indicate if you have no insurance, have health insurance coverage, or a mix of coverage. You may also leave Dr. Rupe a personal message if you desire. 

We have launched and are seeing patients with set appointment times, no double booking, and the kind of personal time and attention you need for your medical concerns. Thank you for your interest!

Business Owners will have a custom designed program to help you & your business!

About Your Visit...

Experience A Totally New Family Medical Concept that is:

  • Quick and Easy to Schedule
  • Comfortable and Relaxing
  • Offers a Warm & Friendly Environment
  • Treats you like a Friend or Family member
  • Provides you MORE Time & Personal Attention

Dr. Carol Rupe is a national expert in family medicine, with more than 30 years of clinical medical experience, and more than 20 years in both hospital medicine and long-term care.
Additionally, her new practice plans to offer:

  • Computer/Phone based Video visits for your Convenience
  • Specialty Programs for Weight Loss
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Custom Health Planning
  • Advanced Technology for Monitoring Diabetes and Cardiovascular Care
  • Treatments to Improve Sleep
  • Treatments to Improve Migraines
  • Assistance with Depressive Disorders

For those without Health Insurance, we will have an extra special program that includes routine medications, lab work, vaccinations, diagnostics and more! Please fill out the no obligation online form today.

Let me know more! I would like to learn about Dr. Rupe's medical practice and be able to register for one of her custom crafted medical care programs. Please fill out ONLY for those family members interested in becoming one of Dr. Rupe's patients.

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